High Risk Babies Must Be Tested For Hearing Loss

With modern technologies like OAE (OtoAcustic Emissions), BERA (Brain-stem evoked response audiometry) it is possible to identify hearing-loss within days of birth.

There are certain criteria which needs to pay attention and newborn should be subjected to hearing evaluation:–


History of Hearing Loss in family

Baby born out of consanguineous marriage


In utero infections such as rubella, cytomegalo virus, herpes, toxoplasmosis, syphilis

Use of ototoxic drugs by the mother during pregnancy

Excessive intake of alcohol by the mother during pregnancy

Prolonged / hazardous labour


Any illness that necessitated admission of the child in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) immediately after birth like hyperbilirubinemia

any illness requiring hospitalization for 48 hrs or more in the first 4 weeks of birth

Low birth weight of the baby (below 1500 grams)

Apgar score below 4 at 1 minute or below 6 at 5 minutes after birth

Any recognizable syndrome at birth where hearing loss is a known component of the syndrome like Down’s syndrome, Treacher-Colin’s syndrome etc.

Presence of any craniofacial anomalies including anomalies of the pinna and ear canal.


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