You Can Permanently Lose Your Hearing From Exposure to Diwali Noise

Any sound above 85 dB has the potential to harm our ears. The noise levels in most urban areas are very high which further goes up to dangerously high levels during Diwali- Fireworks and fireworks,  music systems… soon it may end up with visit to ENT and Audiology clinics.
Serious effects of Noise
Hearing loss
Ringing in the ears (Tinnitus)
Raised blood pressure
Irritability and disturbed Sleep

Levels of noise by American Academy of Audiology

Everywhere talks and campaigns are going on to stay safe in Diwali  —

-Top ten tips for a healthy Diwali on which says to make sure to protect ear from loud noises .

-Top Ten Tips for safe and Healthy Diwali on MeDIndia .

– Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belgaum will be organizing ‘Campaign’ to create awareness on
the ill-effects of air and noise pollution due to bursting of crackers.

Despite several campaigns being organised to raise awareness about the hazards of firecracker-induced noise pollution, expect a noisy Diwali this year too, as reported By Akshay Deshmane mumbai DNA  Diwali 2012: Noise campaigns fall on deaf ears

So big question remains “Are we really celebrating Diwali? asks Gayatri sankar on


E.N.T. Care and Cure

A teenage girl visited ENT clinic with her mother with ringing in the ear and felt like cotton in the ear. Previous night,  Diwali Night she had spent several hours setting off the fire crackers.

Her ear were normal on video otoscopy and Audiogram showed  35 db at 4000 and 8000 hertz, Several days later, her hearing had returned to normal.

This patient is an example of a “temporary threshold shift.” Or Reversible Hearing Loss by exposure to an intense “impulse” sound such as fireworks or loud rock concert.

If sound is too loud or duration of exposure is long enough, such as noise generated in a woodworking shop it may lead to permanent threshold shift.  This condition is called Noise Induced Hearing Loss which has no cure.

Acoustic trauma occurs when excessive sound energy strikes inner ear. When we are exposed sounds that are too loud or…

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