Diabetics have More Chances of Hearing Loss

Most common causes of Hearing Loss are Aging, Heredity, loud noises and ototoxic medicines but studies suggest that diabetes also makes more prone for hearing loss.

Patients with diabetes routinely receive blood exams, kidney function evaluations, feet examination and eye exams, but routine ear and hearing examination is hardly known thing.

On “World Diabetes Day” we recommend hearing tests should be norm for diabetics.

 Reason for hearing loss in diabetics:

There are changes in the nerves themselves and it hypothesized that hearing loss in diabetics is because of damage to nerves and blood vessels in the inner ear.

Sign and symptoms of Hearing loss:

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  • Often turn up the volume of T.V. or radio.
  • Find it difficult to follow a conversation in a noisy area or crowded room.
  • Feel people are mumbling or not speaking clearly.
  • Misunderstand what others are saying and respond inappropriately.
  • Ask others to speak up or to repeat themselves.
  • Sometimes miss birds chirping, doorbell or telephone ringing

How Hearing Loss is diagnosed ?

ENT consultation and hearing tests (Audiometry) by audiologist can diagnose hearing problem. DP OAE (distortion product otoacoustic emissions-test used for newborn hearing screening) can detect early hearing loss in diabetic patients.

Read in detail about Tests of Hearing

What is the treatment of hearing loss?

Treatment will depend on the type of hearing loss. Diabetics usually have sensorineural Hearing Loss which cannot be cured. However, most cases of sensorineural hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids.

Read more about treatment of Hearing Loss.

Protection of Hearing in diabetics:

  • Control of diabetes, Hb A1c should be kept under 7%, diet and exercise are vital
  • Protect your sensitive ears from noise and ototoxic medicine
  • Regular Ear and Hearing Screening : along with your eyes, feet, and kidneys, your ears need regular screening.

If you or a loved one has diabetes, we recommend to  visit hearing clinic to take a hearing test,

visit Audicco.com  ENT and hearing center at Vashi Navi Mumbai to know more.

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