Technology Advancements In Hearing Aids

Post by Ranjitha R. (Audiologist & Speech Therapist)


Receiver in Canal  RIC Hearing aids are similar to behind the ear (BTE) hearing aid-with one important, but crucial difference. The receiver of the hearing aid is placed in the ear canal of the user  and instead of plastic tube which is used in the BTE hearing aid, thin electrical wires are used.

These are useful for individuals with mild to severe losses.


2Reciever in the canal (RIC)

The RIC model consists of three parts

  • The housing/Case- which sits behind the ear
  • Thin ear wire- connecting the housing to the receiver
  • The Receiver-which goes directly in the ear canal

Benefits OF RIC:

‘Open fit’ technology does not plug up the ear like BTE ear molds, offering relief from occlusion.

Because receiver goes inside the ear canal there is small part behind-the-ear and the thin wire connecting the hearing aid to the speaker – this is extremely inconspicuous and for the majority of people, the most cosmetically acceptable hearing aid device.

The sound is smoother and free of distortion as the amplified signal is emitted by the receiver to the ear, rather than through a plastic tube from behind the ear to the ear.



IIC-Invisible hearing aidIf you are a person with hearing loss, but do not wish to wear a hearing aid because of the cosmetic appeal that it gives, try wearing IICs. They are tiny, custom made hearing aids which snugly fits in to your ear canal, that nobody will ever know that you are wearing a hearing aid. IICs make use of the natural acoustics of your ear to give the best sound quality.

iic - CopyAn IIC hearing aid is one in which the faceplate is at or near the second bend of the ear canal, and the tip of the shell is much closer to the eardrum. The deeper  Canal placement of the hearing aid microphone retains some aspects of the ears natural filtering as compared to the behind the ear hearing aid. The performance and cosmetic advantages of this fitting style appeal to a wide variety of hearing aid candidates, many of whom may not consider more visible hearing aid options.


Siemens Waterproof hearing aidPeople with hearing loss has to take some extra precautions for keeping their hearing aids dry especially for individuals who have an active lifestyle ,who heavily perspire  or for people who exercise and need hearing aids to hear instructions or listen to music through Bluetooth transmission.

To make things simpler, manufactures have a few solutions for you.

A water-resistant hearing instrument can withstand the effects of water, perspiration, and other forms of moisture. Water-resistant means it can get wet and stay functional and in some cases can be submersed in a meter of water for up to a half hour.

A“waterproof,” hearing instrument is able to withstand total submersion in water. A waterproof hearing aid can be worn while swimming as long as a special custom ear mold is worn in place of the slim tube.  Waterproof means the hearing aid can endure swimming and other underwater sports for any length of time. Currently few hearing aids meet the standard of waterproof.


Hearing aid Remote control If you are searching for a more flexible way to operate your hearing aids, a remote control is an ideal choice.

Modern hearing aids are becoming technically advanced and smaller, and a remote control allows you to access hearing aid functions simply and easily. The remote control’s large keys are simple to operate like changing environmental programs, and adjust the volume of sound coming from the environment, or streaming to your hearing aids from TV, PC, phone and more.

To be continued in next post…

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