Home Care for chronic cough

E.N.T. Care and Cure

Though general home remedies do not replace proper diagnosis and medical management but it helps as supportive treatment in faster recovery and reduces sleepless nights. It works in lessening patient’s discomfort.


Proper rest


Take balanced diet with plenty of vitamin and minerals to boost defense mechanism.


Vitamin c and zinc supplements.


Keep hydration adequate.


Hot soups like tomato soup, chicken soup works wonder in thinning of secretions.


Black pepper, basil leaves, cloves and ginger boil with water and drink at night time; it’s soothing and helps in mucus coming out.


Honey is age old miraculous natural cure from cough.


One pinch of turmeric with 1 cup warm milk helps in easy expulsion of mucus.


Researches show ginger, garlic and onion has medicinal properties and helps in cold and cough.


Gargles with warm saline (salt in warm water)



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