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Treatment of conditions causing tinnitus

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Person should be assessed and investigated properly by otolaryngologist, audiologist and neurologist if required, to find any treatable condition; management of cause usually take care of tinnitus.

  • Stop medicines causing tinnitus.
  • Wax, foreign bodies can be removed.
  • Treatment of middle ear infections and fluid should be done.
  • Otosclerosis and tinnitus- Surgery and/or hearing aids; surgery may not cure tinnitus and a failed surgery can cause severe tinnitus but correcting conductive deafness (even with poor speech discrimination) allows masking effective.
  • Menieres disease- Tinnitus is difficult to treat in non functioning (dead) ear, so decision for destructive surgery should be taken with care.
  • Abnormal patency of ET- Mostly seen after weight loss, can be corrected by minor surgical correction (25% silver nitrate or diathermy)
  • Surgery for tumor
  • Hearing aids for hearing loss
  • Treatment of blood pressure/thyroid disorder/other medical conditions causing tinnitus.

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