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Home Care Tips for Cold & Sore Throat

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Usually with winter respiratory and throat infection cases increases, but this year physicians and ENT clinics are witnessing increased number of Patients as Mumbai is experiencing unusual low levels of temperature.

With High level of pollutants and particulate matter allergic cold (rhinitis) and sore throat cases are on rise.

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Here are few home care tips to fight with stuffy nose/sore throat:–

Though it does not replace proper diagnosis and medical management but it helps as supportive treatment in faster recovery and reduces sleepless nights. Personally I have advised these tips to patients and it works in lessening patient’s discomfort.

  •  Proper rest
  •  Take balanced diet with plenty of vitamin and minerals to boost defense mechanism.
  •  Vitamin c and zinc supplements.
  •  Keep hydration adequate as cold air has drying effect
  • Hot soups like tomato soup, chicken soup works wonder in thinning of secretions.
  •  Black pepper, basil leaves, cloves and ginger boil with water and drink at night time; it’s soothing and helps in mucus coming out.
  • Honey is age old miraculous natural cure from cough.
  • One pinch of turmeric with 1 cup warm milk helps in easy expulsion of mucus.
  • Researches show ginger, garlic and onion has medicinal properties and helps in cold and cough.


  • Gargles with warm saline (salt in warm water)
  •  Saline irrigation or nasal wash (1/4 teaspoonful of salt in lukewarm water)
  •  Humidification. Use of vaporizer (Steam inhalation) or humidifier can be done to increase the humidity in the air.
  •  Avoid smoking; active and passive.
  •  Avoid alcohol as it increases swelling of mucus membrane.
  •  Avoid dust, pollen, pets, deodorants, chemical irritants.
  • Do deep breathing exercises.

Get flu vaccine before season starts, it works.

  • Dress in layers wear woolen cloths
  • Protect hands and feet (30% of heat escapes through hands and feet
  • Cover head with hat or scarf (40% of heat lost through head)

Home care for sinus problem

Infection of sinuses is called sinusitis. Sinusitis may be caused by anything that interfere with airflow into the sinuses and mucus drainage out of the sinuses, usually follow a viral infection, allergy, or irritants. Thus treatment is aimed at thinning of secretions for easy drainage or reducing inflammation to open up blocked sinus passageways.

Home remedies effectively reduce symptoms of sinusitis and reduce visits to doctor’s clinic.

Proper rest and nutrition.

Vitamin c, vitamin A and zinc

Sleep with head elevated.

Maintain adequate hydration.

Drink hot drinks like hot soups and tea.

Steam inhalation– Plain water or medicated steam with menthol has soothing effect and helps in improving sinus drainage. hot shower also helps.

Hot fomentation-application of warm cloth, hot water bottle or gel pack to face for 5-10 minutes relieves pain and inflammation to some extent.

Saline irrigation nose and sinuses should be washed by 1/4 tsf salt in 1 cup water using bulb syringe, alternatively commercially available saline nasal sprays can be used.

Avoidance of allergen if any.

Avoidance of irritants/smoke.

Use of humidifier.

If symptoms persist visit your clinician or otolaryngologist.