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Is There a Cure for Tinnitus? How hearing aid help in tinnitus treatment?


There’s no medication or proven cure for tinnitus at present, however, a number of treatments have been shown to significantly reduce the symptoms.

Digital Hearing aid may substantially help a person who is suffering from tinnitus along with hearing loss.  Hearing aid may be used alone or in combination with other measures to control tinnitus.  Siemens micon, phonak Audio Q, Starkey Xino Tinnitus, Widex Xen and unitron Moxi kiss are few digital hearing aids which comes along with tinnitus maskers.

Hearing Loss and Tinnitus:

Tinnitus is a ringing, buzzing, clicking or hissing sound when there is no such external sound present. Although some people with normal hearing may also experience ringing in ear but most commonly it is associated with hearing loss.

There is common assumption in many people that because of continues sound in the ear they cannot hear. People also believe that nothing can be done for tinnitus. Consequently a considerable number of people do not seek help for hearing loss also. 

Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus is managed by treating the underlying cause   or by altering reactions to it, (Tinnitus retraining Therapy-a holistic approach which tries to make the patient accustomed to a noise in such a way that he /she learns to ignore it).

There are other therapy options like music therapy, yoga and CBT .

Digital Hearing Aids for Tinnitus treatment-

Hearing aids can help people with hearing loss and in many cases it also reduces tinnitus symptoms.

Patients not showing relief with hearing aids alone are fitted with combination of a hearing aid and a tinnitus masker.

Patients who do not have hearing loss can be benefited with Tinnitus maskers. These devices are similar to hearing aids but it does not amplify sound and  provides continuous low level sound to the ear.

Studies prove that hearing aid properly fitted by qualified hearing professional results in better relief from tinnitus

A survey of 230 hearing care professionals suggests that six out of 10 patients (60%) experience minor to major relief of tinnitus when wearing hearing aids, and a total of one in five (22%) receive major relief. Less than 2% of patients experience a worsening of their tinnitus when wearing hearing aids, while 39% receive no benefit.

Kochkin S, Tyler R. Tinnitus treatment and the effectiveness of hearing aids: hearing care professional perceptions. Hearing Review. 2008;15(13):14-18. – read See more here .

How hearing aids may help in tinnitus?

Following factors can explain relief in tinnitus symptoms when a hearing aid is used-

Reduced Stress:

A person with hearing loss is struggling to hear, which makes communication stressful for him and stress in turn increases tinnitus symptom. Digital Hearing aid makes communication easy and subsequent reduced stress level is helpful in better coping with tinnitus.

Sound Therapy:

Tinnitus is more noticeable and disturbing when environment is quiet. Hearing aid amplifies background sound thus increasing information available to brain. Which in turn makes tinnitus sound less audible (Masking tinnitus). Open fit hearing aid or RIC are found better in controlling tinnitus as it does not cause blocking effect in the ear.

Combination of hearing aid with tinnitus masker provides low level masking sound in addition to amplification. Low level sound helps in getting accustomed to tinnitus sound.

Studies suggest sufficient evidence for use of hearing aid fitting as an option for the tinnitus treatment. Once hearing loss is addressed by using hearing aids people become more aware of sound around them and less aware of their tinnitus.

In short use of hearing aid along with proper counseling do help tinnitus sufferer in living better quality of life.

If tinnitus is bothering you meet an ENT specialist and get your hearing test done by audiologist to know cause of your tinnitus and take second step of digital hearing aid trial if test report shows hearing loss.

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General measures and prevention of tinnitus

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Prevention is the best way to ensure no worsening of disease. Certain life style changes are required for tinnitus –

  • Take care of the body by giving it enough rest, sleep and water.
  • Dietary supplements Vitamins A, C, E, and B group and Zinc
  • Micro nutrients to prevent noise induced hearing loss
  • Support and stress management; taking a positive step in controlling the condition and changing response to it
  • Regular exercise
  • Decrease intake of salt
  • Avoid food with high sugar
  • Limit exposure to loud noise, occupational and recreational
  • Avoid aspirin, and NSAIDS
  • Avoid ototoxic medicine
  • Avoid nicotine, alcohol, caffeine
  • Take steps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Ginkgo Biloba extract is an effective, well tolerated whilst not effective in every single patient, the proven benefits far outweigh any risks.

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Treatment of conditions causing tinnitus

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Person should be assessed and investigated properly by otolaryngologist, audiologist and neurologist if required, to find any treatable condition; management of cause usually take care of tinnitus.

  • Stop medicines causing tinnitus.
  • Wax, foreign bodies can be removed.
  • Treatment of middle ear infections and fluid should be done.
  • Otosclerosis and tinnitus- Surgery and/or hearing aids; surgery may not cure tinnitus and a failed surgery can cause severe tinnitus but correcting conductive deafness (even with poor speech discrimination) allows masking effective.
  • Menieres disease- Tinnitus is difficult to treat in non functioning (dead) ear, so decision for destructive surgery should be taken with care.
  • Abnormal patency of ET- Mostly seen after weight loss, can be corrected by minor surgical correction (25% silver nitrate or diathermy)
  • Surgery for tumor
  • Hearing aids for hearing loss
  • Treatment of blood pressure/thyroid disorder/other medical conditions causing tinnitus.

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General measures and prevention of tinnitus

Management of tinnitus