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Images of ear drum (normal ear drum, glue ear and Grommet)


Fig-1 Normal ear drum (tympanic membrane)


Fig-2 Fluid in middle ear (glue ear)

grommet (ventilation tube)

Fig-3  Grommet (ventilation tube) in the ear drum

Anatomy of human ear

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Ear is divided into three parts-

  • Outer ear (pinna and external auditory canal)
  • Middle ear (ear drum, ear ossicles)
  • Inner ear (cochlea,semicircular canals and vestibule)

normal ear anatomy

Outer ear protects ear drum and sends sound to the middle ear and protect ear drum. Outer 1/3rd of canal contains ceruminous glands which secret wax .

Middle ear is an air filled cavity separated from external ear by ear drum and connects to nasopharynx by Eustachian tube. Middle ear contain three small movable bones (ossicles) malleus, incus and stapes which converts sound waves into mechanical vibrations.

Inner ear contains cochlea (for hearing ) and semicircular canals & vestibule (for balance ).